The Galaxy – the predecessor of Hypervibe Performance

It is interesting to note that the Hypervibe
model that we find prevalant today, Performance, is the Galaxy. It is sad that
the Galaxy is no longer in production today. It was hands down one of the whole
body vibration exercise machine models that was ever in production. The
vibrations that it used to produce were almost unearthly – they were so good in
terms of the frequency, amplitude and G-force.

What, then, led to closure of the commercial productions and sales of the
Galaxy machines? The answer to this is pretty simple – the sky-high prices of
the models. Of course, there has been a significant difference in effectiveness
also (as indicated by the performance) of HyperVibe Performance with the
Galaxy. In case you are wondering which one is better, it is the Galaxy.
Hypervibe has controlled the price of their legacy Galaxy machine by cutting
down on quality and thereby reducing production costs.

How much is the difference of price of these two machines? Quite a bit, really. The older Galaxy used to sell for nearly 18,000 dollars. That is a lot of money, by any stretch of imagination. And that has come down drastically with the newer Hypervibe Performance.

Is the price drop really drastic? How much does one need to pay to buy the modern day Hypervibe Performance? The answer is, around 2,595 dollars. And then, there could be discounts on top of that. It is not too difficult to find a couple of coupons here and there online that would let another $100 or so off from the list price. That makes the Hypervibe Performance sell at a fraction of cost of what the Hypervibe Galaxy would sell for. There is a really massive difference between 18,000 and 2,600 dollars – one is nearly 7 times the other.

The obvious question to ask is, it the Hypervibe Performance so bad compared toe the Galaxy. Truth be told, yes. Hypervibe Performance is a really good vibration machine, one of the best in modern times, but it is at least 20%-25% less effective compared to its predecessor Galaxy. The Galaxy was one of the top 4 whole body vibration machine models that have ever been built.

However, what remains in Hypervibe Performance is still more powerful ocmpared to most other vibration machine brands and models. After a ession on Hypervibe PErformance, you would never be left asking, “Now, did I have a session on the machine?” Your body will just know it – it will be really comfortable and relaxed after a vibration session on the Hypervibe.

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