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Santa and his Christmas Holiday Gift Sets


Christmas Santa completes the celebration of Christmas festival. Christmas celebrations are incomplete without a white bearded fat plump man clad in red with black leather belt and boots. The cuffs on the red coat are in white add dash of contrast to the red attire. Santa Claus is said to ride on a sleigh and carry a sack full of holiday gift sets and presents for one and all.

Children are very fond of this lovable character as he is a dear friend of children. No one can think of celebrating Christmas without the bearded old and adorable man, Santa Claus. Children associate Christmas with Santa Claus and his gifts. Early stories of Santa Claus tell us that he was St. Nicholas born in 300AD. As he was orphaned at an early age, he grew up in the Monastery and became a priest. He then, began a tradition of distributing presents to poor and needy children who were deprived of love and affection.

Santa Claus has a novel way of distributing holiday gift sets. The snowy Christmas night, Santa sets out to travel on his sleigh driven by reindeer, eight in number. As he reaches the earth through the skies he drops the presents through the chimney at each and every house.

Various European countries have different adaptations of Santa Claus; in Switzerland he is called Pere Noel, in Norway Julenissen, Finland – Joulupukki, Italy – Babbo Natale while in Russia and Serbia he is called Ded Moroz which means Grandfather Frost.

Americans believe that Santa Claus lives in the North Poles. The Swedes have a theme park called Tomteland in Mora which is associated with Santa Claus. So fervent is the faith in Santa Claus, that in Stockholm a post station in Tomteboda where most of the letters written to him reach. Similarly in Finland, the Finnish have built a theme park called Santa Claus village in the town Rovaniemi. The ambience and the d├ęcor of the Santa Claus village is a dream come true situation for all the children and ardent followers of Santa Claus and they have a nice time moving around this amusement park.