Omg! The Best Sailing In Croatia Ever!

Doing all your route planning and scheduling can be thrilling! Plus if your Dufour 44 develops any maintenance issues, then the rally engineer is on hand to fix it!

All the beauty spots, whether hidden or not are planned into the itinerary. From hotels booked at either end of the rally to evening meals and prize giving! Having the planning done for you could be the breath of fresh air you need!

You can certainly escape into a world of outstanding beauty. The fauna and flora is maintained in pristine conditions. The Kornati National Park is made up of one hundred of those islands.

There are around one thousand four hundred islands, that make up the archipelago that runs parallel to the coastline. The largest island is Krk and the largest peninsulas are Istria and Peljesac. Numerous coves and bays make Croatian coast even more interesting.

Only sixty island are inhabited, some of them exceptional and geologically unique, like Brusnik and Jabuka and Kornati. You should just jump in the plane and experience it by yourself, write a story of your own. But, it is impossible to even try ti describe Croatian beauty in its all forms.

The sunniest island, Hvar, is very rocky and wild and the most appropriate for the adventurers. You will find all types of accommodation along the Croatian Adriatic coast. Croatian 1200 islands are the most challenging last oasis on the planet, for those who feel like going back to the beginning of the times, to the pure nature.


Whether you take a nap in a quiet, mysterious cave or in the secret bay under the pine tree you will feel reborn for sure. Its greater parts are still untouched, innocent, purely beautiful. If you’re looking for a more relaxed island-hopping adventure where you can spend longer periods of time exploring the sights etc.

And make sure you secure them – I lost a bikini to the sailing sea because I was a bit lazy about how well it was fixed. Personally, I don’t mind roughing it” like this for a few days but I appreciate some people will find this hard. As I already mentioned, the weather rules, and because of choppy weather and an unexpected storm one day, we ended up spending 3 nights in a row away from a marina with showers so we had to be… err, creative… about how we washed and how good our hair looked.

Cabins are small and you’re likely to be sharing, which means you will lose clothes, walk in on your friends naked and bang your head on the low ceilings (I did all three on a nearly daily basis – sorry cabinmate Kathi!). Two of us Travelettes took the antihistamine Cinnarizine which worked well for us, but be sure to visit your doctor before you go. If you’re prone to getting this (which I am) be prepared.

Their first rule is to look after their crew – that’s you!

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