Local SEO tips


As a business owner, it is worthwhile to let people know where you are and what you have to offer. This can be done through a number of ways. One of the most effective ways, however, is local SEO. Local SEO ensures that your business has an online presence and gets seen every time an internet user is looking for a solution that your business is able to offer.

In creating an online presence for your business, you get to advertise your products and drive traffic to the website. It is the people that visit your website that get converted to customers and thereby increasing your sales. Here are some tips that can be helpful to you.

Creating places page

Ensure that the first thing you do when you want to go the local SEO way is to create a local business page for the major search engines or those you want to use. This is a simple procedure that involves filling business information like the contacts, business name and time of operation you will then be given an account from where you can manage the page.

Categorize and optimize the page

Ensure that you place your business in the right category in the search engine. Mostly the local search engine will not display uncategorized business. Optimize the page to make sure it contains relevant information with good layout and colorful pictures.

Accuracy in citation

When you are giving the business details for listing in the search engines or any local listing, make sure that this information is given in the right order and in a consistent manner. The Name address and phone number should be presented in the right format and be the same in all the listings.


Reviews contribute significantly to the ranking of your website in the local search engine pages report. More to this, the reviews are a good way to get the attention of users who get to see you on the SERPs as they build confidence for them to check out what you are all about. The good thing is that you can influence the reviews you get. It is by having good service then providing a platform for your customers to leave the review.

Use of photographs

This is one way to optimize your website. How your business is presented online gives a very important impression. You can upload as many as 10 pics on google+. Try to get as many photos s possible uploaded; the photos may include the inside and outside of the business, the products, the parking and much more. Make sure that the photos are clear and of high quality. Looking for san francisco search engine optimization?

Website optimization

Local SEO includes your website. When there is a search on the local listings, your website will play an important role in directing traffic to the local listings. Include contacts and geographical locations in the content of your website.

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