Hair Extensions Are Most Wanted Gift For Women

Hollywood beauties show us how to do it. In today’s interview, see the stars with short hears and the next day of awards ” Oscar ” those same stars appear with long shiny hair . The secret of this magic lies in hair extension . Would you like to try some magic tricks ? That’s no problem ! Just apply our tips and with a little practice you will quickly learn some magic tricks It is easy to get bored with the same hair with chin-length or feel worried about the thin coarse hair . With the extension you can take control and make your hair longer and thicker. Extension clips are artificial or real (human ) hair that are attached to your own hair .

Stylists use different methods to attach hair extensions.
The new hair strands adhere to the growing hair by using the keratin fibers, or placed by cold fusion with Keratin of adhesive with the aid of ultrasound. It takes a long time. The process takes less time when few small strands of hair is subjected to compressed air or by laser method of cold fusion.Of course, natural hair continues to grow and after awhile Extension must be removed and attached again near the roots. It is true that it is quite a complicated process . Unfortunately, this dream of long thick hair is expensive . This kind of magic costs from 500 to 1000 euros for longer hair and at least 200 euros for thicker hair.


Want to see if you can look good with long hair ? Will you be at a big event and you want to appear with dazzling hair? In these cases, the decision to use a hair & clips . They are easily placed in the hair by means of clips . Other advantages are that the price is only a fraction of the cost of “real human hair and will not damage your hair . You can wash with shampoo extension with clips , just like your own hair and shape them with a round brush and rollers . Extension with clips can be easily used to create hairstyles with raised hair or modern lines . The only condition is your hair at least chin -length .Almost all women dream of long thick and natural hair all their life . The magic of hair extensions fulfills this dream.

Thick hair can be achieved with just a few easy steps. Thick hair is always beautiful and suitable for business meetings and spontaneous dinner parties.
Keep in mind that when you buy hair & curly or wavy hair (especially on the Internet, when you can not see the hair) the length of the hair is declared right condition. In its natural curly or fragile appearance, the hair is shorter than the declared length of about 10 cm. How much shorter is can not be exactly fixed, because it depends on the size and type of curls.

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