Design Tips for Your Home or Your Extended Stay Tucson Rental Property

This is the room we all wish we had. You know, they shouldn’t use the term “great room”, unless they really mean it. We really mean it. Look at this space, it’s fabulous! It’s a sitting room, it’s a TV room, it’s a dining area and it’s a kitchen, all in one. And from every direction, the sightlines are fabulous. But let’s get past the fact that most of us don’t have this kind of space at home, but you may find it in some of the higher end extended stay Tucson rental properties available this winter. Now, let’s talk about the decorating and what you might take away from this for your own home.


This is the biggest single trend for next year. It’s called the “No Color Look”. And yet, there’s lots going on here, lots of different shades and tones, probably fifty colors in this room. But, there’re all subtle neutrals. Starting with the floor, which is a gorgeous, gorgeous grey, white oak floor, stained to look like barn board, we used it throughout the house, but in this room it really shines, because it sets the tone. It’s casually elegant.

We put oatmeal sofas on it, nice and light, from LT, we’ve put a coffee table, which is actually three tables in one, again, that rustic feeling on it with light top on an iron base and this comes from Crate and Barrel. These two really needle stools, these are from Kokoon and they are perfect in front of the fireplace. Another one of those great gas inserts from National Home Comfort. And, of course, our big Samsung TV above it.

Now we needed the lamps that were handsome, not too decorative and still work with our theme and we found these. They’ve kind of got a safari feeling, they came from Kohls, they’ve got big drum shape, which perfectly pick up the linen and the sofas and they are sitting on the dark bases. You need lots of dark in a room like this, because the dark is the hit of drama.

Now, what you think of our windows? Jeld Wen did an amazing job in this whole house. We have french doors everywhere, with grates on the outside, of course, for protection, but they open up and they feel traditional and beautiful and they really let in the light. Everyone loves our draping fabric. It’s Schumacher by Bill Burrow and it has a kind of an European feeling to it, you sort of feel like you are in a bit of hunting lodge.

It’s got the grey and cream and it’s comfortable and cozy and it kind of gives a warmth to this room. This is the best sightline of all. This kitchen is sensational. Come and have a look. This is the piece of this conference room, this is the fourteenth foot island. The top is Caesar Stone, which is a composite material, it’s again in that soft grey shade you see throughout the house and it’s sitting on a base made by Reti Restoration, solid, which is actually wired.

It had power in it for countertop appliances, it’s been stained to match the floor and you can see, it’s a great design, feels really substantial. Pulled up to this eating table, we’ve placed these armless chairs from Pottery Barn, because we loved the dark color and the simple X back. Set? House and Home. Flatware dishes, linens and glasses. And I love the darkness of our pedestal candles, because again, they add that punch to this huge expanse of Caesar Stone.

Now, what do you think of our chandeliers? These are from Oly. They look like they should have come from an old Scottish castle. They’re decorative, brand new and part of the fun we’ve had with hanging light fixtures throughout this house. This is a true custom kitchen. A lot of planning went into the design of this work area and there are lots of great tips for you. Heritage Kitchens made our cabinets. Isn’t it gorgeous?

It’s painted with hardware from Restoration Hardware. The outside is great, but the inside is natural wood and there are a lots of levels, places to store things, like this great spice store with flatware on the side. These are extra ledge, the counters are Caesar Stone from Ciot and then there’s this ledge, which is a great place to put herbs, spices, little jars, very decorative and functional.

The walls are Olympia tile, this is a subway pattern. We liked it because it created interest on the wall, because we didn’t want overhead cabinets. The work was done by York Marble. But we did want shelves. So we had these great deep shelves made by Heritage Kitchens. What you think of our stove? This is such a cool stove. It’s Italian, it’s called Bertazzoni. It came from Distinctive Appliances, it has that real restaurant look, but it’s slightly smaller scale.

It’s the same depth as our counter, that’s flush, has six burners, looks like this one is kind of high speed and it has a griddle, two oven, a large and a small, but mostly think that looks fantastic. We had this brushed stainless steel backsplash made designed this wonderful hood, which dynamic are made for us. Inside it has an exhaust fan with lights, but from the outside it looks pretty old. Isn’t that neat?

We have filled this house with goodies for your if you win. For example, we have cropped countertop appliances everywhere, we have a coffee maker, a toaster and there’s more in the servery. We have House and Home flatware, dishes, glasses, serveware, all though the house. On this side, we have canisters, we have glass cake stands and then this covers – they are filled with wonderful products. Aren’t this beautiful covers?

They are glass fronted, there is no hardware showing, but there is little indent for your fingers. Now, every party has needs. Two dishwashers. This is definitely a party house, so we have them. They are by Bloomberg, with the controls on top, so that’s discrete, stainless steel fronts and great handles. And we have, of course, the deep stainless steel farmer sink by Frankie. And the faucet and hand sprayer. And a wonderful fridge. This is the kitchen of your dreams, it’s fabulous.

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